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Welcome to the website of James Crosby, your friendly neighbourhood geochemist

I would like to take this moment to welcome you to my personal website. This website was set out with the full intent of communicating myself and my adventure in the studies of Earth Science in a way that would either inspire you to take an interest in the natural world; or at least find out why I have chosen to devote the next few years of my life to such an obscure area. 

The world is a dynamic and somewhat mythical place. On a planet which has existed for 4.56 billion years and the serious study of Earth Science only occurring for less than 300 years (credits to James Hutton and Charles Lyell for getting the ball rolling), I have the opportunity to contribute to the understanding the of our planet in a significant and meaningful way. 

The many friends and colleges I have met during my young geochemical career chose to apply their understanding to incredibly important areas. Such as:
- Palaeoclimatology (historical global warming and cooling)
- Environmental geochemistry (cleaning up after people's mistakes)
- Hardcore field geology (rocks are cool! What do they mean?) 
- Biogeochemical evolution of the planet (how did life on Earth start?!)
- Planetary Sciences (the better versions of Brian Cox)

Although during my education I have dabbled in these areas, I have chosen the humble but extraordinary aspect of Earth geodynamic evolution (what the hell is going on beneath our feet). If you were to read the incredibly serious technical description of my work at the University of Cambridge, you can get a more detailed understanding. But don't worry, there is some light-hearted relief in the "fieldwork and labwork" section, with occasional references to "extra-curricular activities". If you are interested in getting to know the more personal aspects of my life, I divert you to the "About Me" section and the blog. 

Twitter: GeochemJC
Instagram: geochemjc
My University of Cambridge department information can be viewed at:

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Hi James! I actually read the entire home page and the about me section. Love all the photos, especially the one of you and your dad. So proud of you, all of your accomplishments and the person you've become. But I can't say I don't miss you, because I do. Your future is so bright...hang on to those shades. xox

Lovely stuff! So proud to see a student of mine getting so thoroughly roused by geology. Keep up the good work, you little roo, you!

Very good James 